May 19, 2021
ITEL Article Access Page is Now Open on J-STAGE with Invited Papers

Our journal access page for the first volume of Information and Technology in Education and Learning (ITEL) is now open on J-STAGE with invited papers published open access. We are working to publish other accepted papers for the first volume in order, and stay tuned.

Note that we are still accepting manuscripts for our first volume by the middle of June. ITEL welcomes submissions from researchers concerned with practice of technology in education, theories of instruction and learning, and the development of the theory and methodology regarding the field of computer usage for education. Please consider your submission by reading the Author Guidelines for the details in our website.

ITEL Editorial Board

April 01, 2020
Call for Papers for the First Volume of Information and Technology in Education and Learning

Information and Technology in Education and Learning (ITEL) is a brand-new open-access academic journal annually published jointly by the Japan Society for Educational Technology (JSET) and the Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education (JSiSE). Our very first volume is going to be published in early 2021. We are now welcoming a variety of submissions (four types of research papers and review paper) that impact the significant advances in research regarding information and technology in education and learning, not only in Japan but also in Asian countries and other countries around the world. We kindly advise you to please read the Author Guidelines for details in the website. We are looking forward to the submission of your manuscripts. The approximate deadline for the publication from the opening is mid-August.

Note that translation papers from the article originally published in the Japan Journal of Educational Technology should be submitted through the JSET website. In ITEL, translation papers are considered as one of the ways to convey the promising advancement of knowledge in the area of research in education and learning in Japan to the people around the world who cannot read the original Japanese language.

Please feel free to send us your inquiries either in English or in Japanese to our contact address below if you have any questions.

ITEL Editorial Board